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Go Back To Your Grave Rot-Back! [entries|friends|calendar]
Coalition Against the Undead

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It ain't over till the fat lady sings [22 Jan 2007|12:38am]

[ mood | determined ]

Well it seems its been awhile since somebody lay down the information on the zombie status around here. For awhile i was under the impression there was nothing left to kill, that there was no more worry of being eatin alive in your sleep, that maybe just maybe life has seemed to prevail through all this mess..... For awhile a least. It started again, around New Years, it fucking started again. Those Fucking Rot backs actually caught me with my guard down and nearly had me but instead they took my first mate. It was hard but i had to smash both their heads in. Now im reassembling the team, IF you don't respond to this I'm assuming your dead or your one of them now, if so God rest your soul. Grab your fucking gear and SUIT UP!! ITS MUTHER FUCKING ZOMBIE KILLIN' TIME!!!

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A4 show saturday the 10th at beatniks, be there or be a deadie [10 Sep 2005|04:48am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Alright team this is going to be a tough mission and it would be great if everyone was there to help out, in fact if you even care about catud and the human race at all you will be at the 3rd to last A4 show this saturday the 10th at beatniks on 47th terrace cape coral. Ive received information about a zombie "tribe" if you will, that will be in the area at the time of the show and the loud music and hundreds of people there isnt going to help the situation at all, so we need every catud member we can get there to defend the crowd. make sure you've taken your dayquil or drank some espressos before hand, its going to be a long night.

Secretary of defense- Nicky Nine Toes

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prepare for the worst [23 Aug 2005|03:25am]

[ mood | determined ]

whew its been a long time and i almost thought we nailed them all, well i hoped, until after the paulson show one damn near took my leg off, son of a bitch was hiding under my truck waiting for me. i quickly pulled my bat out from behind my truck seat(yes i always keep it there incase of insidenses like this or incase of a drunk) and i blundeoned that assholes hand into the ground but he was quick and slid out from under the other side of the truck. He started running down the street and right there i knew that this zombie was going to be hard to kill. i got in my truck and drove after him when i was about to run him over he leaped over the front of the truck into the bed and i slammed on my brakes and as planned he flew forward into the back window and the stunned him a bit, i got out and finished him off in the back of my truck. needless to say i spent a day washing the back of my truck bed out. Score 5 for Nick and 0 for the deadies.

Careful fellow catud members their building something up and we must prepare!

Nicky Nine Toes - secretary of defense

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[18 Jul 2005|03:36pm]

[ mood | Destroyer ]

Not a battle axe, but still fun.Collapse )

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An Omen! [03 Jul 2005|03:19am]

All this week, I've had dreams of zombie invasion!

ALL CREW: Keep your guard up, they may be growing!


PS Keep your weapons with you at all times! In most of my dreams, teammates have been caught and killed unarmed. Beware!
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[24 Jun 2005|11:08pm]


1. Cody
2. 8-15-89
3. Man
4. I kill Zombies.
5. Double Bladed Battle Axe/Dagger/SMG
7. andrew, nathan, and myself were traveling out to find a search party that went missing. it was a cold still night. our headlights shined on the open road, only to find one of the undead. nathan with his quick response of driving plowed right into that fucker, snapping his spine in two. we stopped and got out. i put a bullet straight into the zombies head from my SMG. but my shot just attracted more. soon there were mass groups of them surrounding us. andrew loaded his 12 guage, nathan loaded his 357 magnum. the battle had begun, we fought for hours, and just when we killed the last rotting bastard, andrew relaxed, little did he know tho there was a rotback standing right behind him, i quickly put a round into the undeads head, standing there with are enemys blood surrounding us we went home. the search party was found a few days later, but they had to be put down.


9. emericaccm@yahoo.com

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damn maggot farmers! [24 Jun 2005|08:47pm]

[ mood | drunk ]

1. Your name: I am the Jessica.

2. Your birth date: 10-12-83

3. Your gender: female last time i checked.

4. The reason why you think you should be accepted: I've done much research on the destruction and survival if the undead overthrow us. reading the zombie survival guide 3 times should be enough to let me in.

5. Your weapon of choice (be serious! You're going to be killing zombies!) Trench spike for close combat and a rifle for long distance (to pick them off). Trench spikes are great for cutting heads off and impaling at close range but rifles are much more accurate if you have specific dead dudes you want to destroy.

6. The position in CATUD you'd like to be: officer would be awesome. But i'd kick some undead ass anyday.

7. Your experience with zombie destruction: Me and my husband were at the beach taking a nighttime stroll. We saw some dude walking out of the water covered in seaweed and he seemed to be groaning. I immediately noticed half of his face was chewed off, so i grabbed the nearest beach umbrella left out on the sand (owned by resort property which will go un-named) and impaled the fucker right through his left eyeball. We then continued our stroll and happily went home.

8. A 235x175 (pixels) picture of yourself.
Image hosted by the living, not undead. i swear.

9. Please include your e-mail address!

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not just a movie, i learning process. [24 Jun 2005|06:32pm]

[ mood | content ]

after taking it apon myself to inspect the new film, land of the dead, i have come to find a few new conclusions apon the living dead. first of all, never trust a black zombie that in his former life was a gas station worker, they can only bring you trouble. secoundly fireworks might seems to be a good distraction to the undead, they only hinder the killing for but a few moments. i took it apon myself to test this theory on the undead with a good frined of mine ryan komo but sadly he didnt make it. tho dont worry kids he still plays drums for the deadface in a more..dead-like tone? yes. furthermore i would like to say that ALL MEMBERS should go see this movie for further study of the undead.


-vice president Nathan Mustache.

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[10 Jun 2005|10:48am]

They Are Done With

[08 Jun 2005|07:00am]

http://www.kristyvsthezombiearmy.com/ was launched the other day. All hail kristy.
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[24 May 2005|12:06am]

Ever notice...

That this community is dead...

Dead... Like a zombie?!?!

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Finally, a plan. [10 May 2005|11:03pm]

[ mood | Your Mother Looks a Little Ill ]

I have congregated a militia team. We gather this Thursday. There are five, one including a cameraman. Hopefully, we can get some good stuff. I'm getting sick and tired of these rotting assholes taking up my life. It's time they suffer a fatal blow.

- Jules

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I was minding my own business... [06 May 2005|08:13pm]

[ mood | Let's effin' do this ]

Smoking a cigarette outside. Seems like those zombies have to ruin your peace and quiet.

Seems like they don't enjoy a stake through the face either.

- Jules

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Now is the summer of your discontent. [04 May 2005|12:17am]

[ mood | The slaying has already begun ]

1. Jules
2. 12/12/87
3. female
4. My growing abhorrence and knowledge of the undead, skill with any bludgeoning objects, and lack of anything better to do.
5. My 4-card set of razor playing cards (for distance), and light-weight morning star for more intimate attacks.
6. OFAZ, since I would love nothing better than killing some fetid, dead fuckers.
7. Minding my own business, walking to the bus stop, an old man bumps into me. Thinking nothing of it, I continue strolling. Old fucker grabs me. As I turn, I get a clear view of his face, or lack thereof. Grabbing the pen from my pocket, I swiftly swing and stab the thing in the temple. *Click* goes the pen, as I pressed the end for reassured entry. Down he goes.
8. Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I'm keen with those woodland creatures.
9. mrjoancroft@yahoo.com

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Moment of silence please [28 Apr 2005|05:09am]

What a fucking week. The night of the zombie hunt (4-22-05) I got strayed from the group. In the mist of finding my way back this crazed zombie bitch plowed into me at 60 miles per hour.
I hop out of my truck in disarray with one hand on my neck and the other with Darsey, my Magnum, half aimed with my eyes a searching. I check to see if the person who hit was alright and out lounges this genetic bitch from Lockheed Martin (or so her lab coat and name tag say).
She's was so fast she knocked the gun from hand and made me hit the ground. Since I was close to her car, I threw her face against the hot metal. I then dragged her to her car door and slammed her face in three times.

I then walked over to my truck and grabbed the tired iron. When I walked back to her car the body was gone. I looked everywhere near and inside the car. After no luck of finding her I go back to my truck. I drive what’s left of my truck back to my apartment. When I start to approach the apartment complex the bitch reappears in the back seat. I then floor it to get her to lose her balance, but the bitch is no ordinary zombie. I race threw the complex (not thinking to slow down over the speed bumps, but what the help my trucks fucked anyway) whip it into a parking space and slam on the brakes. Luckily Jon was outside returning from the zombie hunt and grabbed the z-bitch threw her to the ground. I then reversed the truck on her.

I tell Jon to run inside to get his chainsaw so we can finally get ride of this cunt. As he comes back out the z-b raises my fucking truck to get her self free. Jon already had the chainsaw juiced up and began to cut. We cut her up into small pieces and then burnt those pieces.

The truck that saved my life twice, has died.

We must find out what Lockheed is up to. There was nothing in the history books about Lockheed’s involvement. But since I’m here maybe I’m changing history… or maybe… someone else might be here from my time as well.
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Calling out. [16 Apr 2005|11:18am]

[ mood | calm ]

Lee, Brandon and myself will be doing a zombie hunt on April 22nd (after we're done playing Halo). We'll take some pictures if anything exciting happens.

I suggest you all do a zombie hunt that night, too. Please take some photos and post them here when you get back.


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WTF [14 Apr 2005|08:32pm]

Getting a call from Jon about a possible zombie outbreak in downtown, I go out to my truck. As soon as I get to the door a zombie is standing there and two are inside my truck. I realize they are searching the truck for fresh meat because we all know the intelligence of a zombie. In a frenzy they ripped out the cd player and threw it out the window as they looked in the dash for meat.
The zombie near the door got a roundhouse kick to the face followed by a sweep kick to knock his rotting ass to the cold ground. I took out my piece, put it to his forehead and heard one click. I stomped on his head with my size 11 just to make sure that grave fucker aint coming back.
I opened the door to take out the next zombie by grabbing his dead head and slamming it my busted glass door. The third grabbed and threw him out my truck the way he threw the cd player. When he landed I hopped in the truck and ran over his head. I then threw it in reverse and stoped my 2 ton truck on his face. Steppin on the break and givin it gas I burt out on his face until I heard the tires hit asphalt. When I got out his head (what was left of it) was just like the scene in Sin City, what Bruce willis did to the yellow bastard. I dragged the undead bitches together, smashing a bottle of vodka on them and threw a match on them. A piece of glass got in stuck in my shoe when knocking out the glass pieces and in the pissed state I was in, all I could think is what a waste of good vodka.
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[06 Apr 2005|03:02am]

Name: ____________________Haab XIV, Brandon A.



Reason of Acceptation:______Fuck you. I don't need you and you may not need me but I am pissed at the zombies. I come from a time when earth is run by zombies, super zombies, and half breeds of fucked up alien zombies to witch science made. I researched history to find when zombies were a problem and something could have been done about it, had there been more knowledge about them. So when the time travel project hosted by the C.A.T.U.D 2525 came available I was the first to volunteer. It was difficult enough to get in the first time so I don't give a shit getting in the second time. In my time you need a licenses and ninja skills to kill Z's. Here you don't, and I've already been trained, so I'm killing as much as I can as fast as I can.

Weapon/Skills:____________Main Weapon-Desert Eagle-far range/hands short range
__________________________Melee fighting
__________________________Can drive anything with an engine


Experience:________________It began when I was 18, Last year in High school, our class took a trip to earth. Our guide thought he landed us in a safe zone but was wrong. As soon as we were unloading from our school bus a Super-zombie popped out of the bushes and charged at me. Quick thinking and remembering what our guide had told us never to lose it when in uncontrolled or stressful environments, I grabbed both his hands falling backwards getting my feet positioned on his wast and pushing him off me. When he landed I had a pen in my hand and stabbed him in both eyes. I grabed the bluntest object near me and smashed his skull in three times. After what my Earth guide had seen he suggested I go to the C.A.T.U.D.s recruiting office. The rest we should say is history and here I am.

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I'm a slayer, baby! [31 Mar 2005|02:50pm]

[ mood | determined ]

Dearest zombie hunters,
I've been holding it down here in FM effortlessly. I toasted some bitch with a my fuckin' flame thrower- consisting of green spray paint and my triple X zippo. Fuckers. What a waste of paint.. bitches get stitches with my fists! She tried to reprove her strength after trying to bite me with vommiting acid spit that I torched all the way up to her mouth. The flame travelled down her body and she was smokin'! Bitch. HA!

Keepin' it real,
your Captain of Offense.

"You're really strong... like Spider-man.. strong.." I'm watching Buffy!

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[31 Mar 2005|01:40am]

[ mood | calm ]

I know you're going to click this.Collapse )

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