ass head (one_bad_dream) wrote in catud,
ass head


Getting a call from Jon about a possible zombie outbreak in downtown, I go out to my truck. As soon as I get to the door a zombie is standing there and two are inside my truck. I realize they are searching the truck for fresh meat because we all know the intelligence of a zombie. In a frenzy they ripped out the cd player and threw it out the window as they looked in the dash for meat.
The zombie near the door got a roundhouse kick to the face followed by a sweep kick to knock his rotting ass to the cold ground. I took out my piece, put it to his forehead and heard one click. I stomped on his head with my size 11 just to make sure that grave fucker aint coming back.
I opened the door to take out the next zombie by grabbing his dead head and slamming it my busted glass door. The third grabbed and threw him out my truck the way he threw the cd player. When he landed I hopped in the truck and ran over his head. I then threw it in reverse and stoped my 2 ton truck on his face. Steppin on the break and givin it gas I burt out on his face until I heard the tires hit asphalt. When I got out his head (what was left of it) was just like the scene in Sin City, what Bruce willis did to the yellow bastard. I dragged the undead bitches together, smashing a bottle of vodka on them and threw a match on them. A piece of glass got in stuck in my shoe when knocking out the glass pieces and in the pissed state I was in, all I could think is what a waste of good vodka.
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