ass head (one_bad_dream) wrote in catud,
ass head

Moment of silence please

What a fucking week. The night of the zombie hunt (4-22-05) I got strayed from the group. In the mist of finding my way back this crazed zombie bitch plowed into me at 60 miles per hour.
I hop out of my truck in disarray with one hand on my neck and the other with Darsey, my Magnum, half aimed with my eyes a searching. I check to see if the person who hit was alright and out lounges this genetic bitch from Lockheed Martin (or so her lab coat and name tag say).
She's was so fast she knocked the gun from hand and made me hit the ground. Since I was close to her car, I threw her face against the hot metal. I then dragged her to her car door and slammed her face in three times.

I then walked over to my truck and grabbed the tired iron. When I walked back to her car the body was gone. I looked everywhere near and inside the car. After no luck of finding her I go back to my truck. I drive what’s left of my truck back to my apartment. When I start to approach the apartment complex the bitch reappears in the back seat. I then floor it to get her to lose her balance, but the bitch is no ordinary zombie. I race threw the complex (not thinking to slow down over the speed bumps, but what the help my trucks fucked anyway) whip it into a parking space and slam on the brakes. Luckily Jon was outside returning from the zombie hunt and grabbed the z-bitch threw her to the ground. I then reversed the truck on her.

I tell Jon to run inside to get his chainsaw so we can finally get ride of this cunt. As he comes back out the z-b raises my fucking truck to get her self free. Jon already had the chainsaw juiced up and began to cut. We cut her up into small pieces and then burnt those pieces.

The truck that saved my life twice, has died.

We must find out what Lockheed is up to. There was nothing in the history books about Lockheed’s involvement. But since I’m here maybe I’m changing history… or maybe… someone else might be here from my time as well.
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