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damn maggot farmers!

1. Your name: I am the Jessica.

2. Your birth date: 10-12-83

3. Your gender: female last time i checked.

4. The reason why you think you should be accepted: I've done much research on the destruction and survival if the undead overthrow us. reading the zombie survival guide 3 times should be enough to let me in.

5. Your weapon of choice (be serious! You're going to be killing zombies!) Trench spike for close combat and a rifle for long distance (to pick them off). Trench spikes are great for cutting heads off and impaling at close range but rifles are much more accurate if you have specific dead dudes you want to destroy.

6. The position in CATUD you'd like to be: officer would be awesome. But i'd kick some undead ass anyday.

7. Your experience with zombie destruction: Me and my husband were at the beach taking a nighttime stroll. We saw some dude walking out of the water covered in seaweed and he seemed to be groaning. I immediately noticed half of his face was chewed off, so i grabbed the nearest beach umbrella left out on the sand (owned by resort property which will go un-named) and impaled the fucker right through his left eyeball. We then continued our stroll and happily went home.

8. A 235x175 (pixels) picture of yourself.
Image hosted by the living, not undead. i swear.

9. Please include your e-mail address!
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