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prepare for the worst

whew its been a long time and i almost thought we nailed them all, well i hoped, until after the paulson show one damn near took my leg off, son of a bitch was hiding under my truck waiting for me. i quickly pulled my bat out from behind my truck seat(yes i always keep it there incase of insidenses like this or incase of a drunk) and i blundeoned that assholes hand into the ground but he was quick and slid out from under the other side of the truck. He started running down the street and right there i knew that this zombie was going to be hard to kill. i got in my truck and drove after him when i was about to run him over he leaped over the front of the truck into the bed and i slammed on my brakes and as planned he flew forward into the back window and the stunned him a bit, i got out and finished him off in the back of my truck. needless to say i spent a day washing the back of my truck bed out. Score 5 for Nick and 0 for the deadies.

Careful fellow catud members their building something up and we must prepare!

Nicky Nine Toes - secretary of defense
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