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Go Back To Your Grave Rot-Back!

Coalition Against the Undead
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This is a community supporting the destruction of the zombies and the un-dead. You cannot just join this community, this isn't a fucking playground! You have to show what it takes to become a member. If you would like to submit an application, please comment with the follow information:

1. Your name
2. Your birth date
3. Your gender
4. The reason why you think you should be accepted.
5. Your weapon of choice (be serious! You're going to be killing zombies!)
6. The position in CATUD you'd like to be. (the list is below)
7. Your experience with zombie destruction.
8. A 235x175 (pixels) picture of yourself.
9. Please include your e-mail address!

And if you are accepted to be a member of CATUD, you must promote the community. We're not fucking around here.

The positions we need are the following:
1. Officers
2. Recruiters
3. OFAZ (Offensive Force Against Zombies aka the people who be doing the killing)

Once your application has been submitted, the president or VP will read it and one of them will coment back letting you now if you are approved or denied. If you have been approved, hey, you have what it takes to kick some undead ass. If you have been denied, sorry but you didn't cut the mustard. You'll probably be bitten and you will turn into a zombie and then CATUD will come and destroy your undead body.


The founding members of CATUD are:

President Jonathan Lewis

Vice President Nathan Acevedo

Other members will be on the web-site.

People who refused to make an application/didn't cut the mustard:
destryoing zombies, ed, fighthing zombies, fucking zombies up, killing zombies, shaun