Mr. Joan Croft (xblackwidow69x) wrote in catud,
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Now is the summer of your discontent.

1. Jules
2. 12/12/87
3. female
4. My growing abhorrence and knowledge of the undead, skill with any bludgeoning objects, and lack of anything better to do.
5. My 4-card set of razor playing cards (for distance), and light-weight morning star for more intimate attacks.
6. OFAZ, since I would love nothing better than killing some fetid, dead fuckers.
7. Minding my own business, walking to the bus stop, an old man bumps into me. Thinking nothing of it, I continue strolling. Old fucker grabs me. As I turn, I get a clear view of his face, or lack thereof. Grabbing the pen from my pocket, I swiftly swing and stab the thing in the temple. *Click* goes the pen, as I pressed the end for reassured entry. Down he goes.
8. Image hosted by
I'm keen with those woodland creatures.
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