Zik (a_art_of_murder) wrote in catud,

1. Cody
2. 8-15-89
3. Man
4. I kill Zombies.
5. Double Bladed Battle Axe/Dagger/SMG
7. andrew, nathan, and myself were traveling out to find a search party that went missing. it was a cold still night. our headlights shined on the open road, only to find one of the undead. nathan with his quick response of driving plowed right into that fucker, snapping his spine in two. we stopped and got out. i put a bullet straight into the zombies head from my SMG. but my shot just attracted more. soon there were mass groups of them surrounding us. andrew loaded his 12 guage, nathan loaded his 357 magnum. the battle had begun, we fought for hours, and just when we killed the last rotting bastard, andrew relaxed, little did he know tho there was a rotback standing right behind him, i quickly put a round into the undeads head, standing there with are enemys blood surrounding us we went home. the search party was found a few days later, but they had to be put down.


9. emericaccm@yahoo.com

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