lawn mowers SUCK!! (icantsnap) wrote in catud,
lawn mowers SUCK!!

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It ain't over till the fat lady sings

Well it seems its been awhile since somebody lay down the information on the zombie status around here. For awhile i was under the impression there was nothing left to kill, that there was no more worry of being eatin alive in your sleep, that maybe just maybe life has seemed to prevail through all this mess..... For awhile a least. It started again, around New Years, it fucking started again. Those Fucking Rot backs actually caught me with my guard down and nearly had me but instead they took my first mate. It was hard but i had to smash both their heads in. Now im reassembling the team, IF you don't respond to this I'm assuming your dead or your one of them now, if so God rest your soul. Grab your fucking gear and SUIT UP!! ITS MUTHER FUCKING ZOMBIE KILLIN' TIME!!!
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